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The IHCD library is a member of the Massachusetts Library Network and is open to the public. Our library has the largest collection in the US of publications and multimedia materials on accessibility and universal design. We have recently re-cataloged the books according to the Library of Congress Classification system and have entered the books into an online catalog, accessible from all computers with Internet access. Use the following link to access IHCD's online library catalog: Human Centered Design Online Library

Once you have entered IHCD's online library site, you may browse the entire Library Catalog or search by title, author, subject, ISBN, series, or call number. To ensure the complete display of search results, avoid spelling errors and other typos when entering in the fields for the search. When titles appear under the search results, select a particular title to find out more information about the book and where it's located in our library. You may also select the underlined author/publisher which will result in a listing of all of the books that we have in our collection that share that same author.

IHCD library is a research library--all books are available to be used on site but cannot be borrowed. When visiting our library in person, you may browse our collection which is organized alphabetically by book label. The alphabet begins on the shelves closest to the entrance of the library space. To learn more about the Library of Congress Classification System and the new labeling system, use the following link for a complete guide:Library of Congress Classification System

The library is named after Dr. Gunnar Dybwad, one of the world's first and staunchest advocates for the human rights of people with disabilities and includes his personal collection related to design. A recent bequest from architect Paul Grayson, one of the seminal leaders in the universal design movement, substantially expanded the collection.

Hours of operation: Monday-Friday 9:00 am -- 5:00 pm

We will try to accommodate alternate hours as needed.

For more information, please contact: Maggie Austen.

Library reading room
Library reading room.

The Dybwad Library

The Dybwad Library
The Dybwad Library.