What We Do

The Institute for Human Centered Design promotes design that works for everyone across the spectrum of ability and age and enhances human experience. We provide easy access to information and guidance about the civil rights laws and codes that provide a bedrock of accessibility in the US. We provide education and consultation about strategies, precedents and best practices that go beyond legal requirements to design places, things, communication and policy that integrate solutions to the reality of human diversity.

Our work includes:

  • funded projects with target audiences, specific services and products and grant periods;

  • consultation to public and private entities on accessible and universal or human-centered design;

  • generating initiatives in response to unmet needs that we research and most often evolve into proposals for funding;

  • promotion and education through web and print publications; lectures, workshops and conferences; formal and tailored courses; and public policy advocacy.

Staff include humanists, educators and designers. Projects range from local to international.