Building a World Fit for People:
Designers with Disabilities at Work

Authors: Elaine Ostroff, Mark Limont, and Daniel G. Hunter
A publication of Adaptive Environments Center.
This book was made possible by a grant from NEC Foundation of America.

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John Kemp, President, HalfthePlanet Foundation

Elaine Ostroff, Founding Director, Adaptive Environments

Ray Lifchez, Professor of Architecture, University of California, Berkeley

1. Ron Mace (deceased)
Center for Universal Design, Raleigh, NC

2. Maurizio Antoninetti
San Diego State University, San Diego, CA

3. George Balsley
Kuhn Riddle, Amherst, MA

4. Terry J. Brown
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

5. Devonna L. Cunningham Cervantes
Advocate, Tulsa, OK

6. Francesca Davenport
Balcombe Griffiths, Victoria, Australia

7. Jim L. Davis
Advocate, Consultant, Elizabeth, NJ

8. Joseph Del Vecchio
Access Development Corporation. East Providence, RI

9. Taide Buenfil Garza
Office of the President, Mexico City, Mexico

10. Marcelo Pinto Guimaraes
Universidad Federal de Minas Gerais, Brazil

11. Daniel G. Hunter
Adaptive Environments center, Eugene, OR

12. Kazuo Kawasaki
Nagoya City University, Nagoya, Japan

13. Yoshi Kawauchi
Access Project, Tokyo, Japan

14. Harold Dean Kiewel
Ellerbe Becket, Minneapolis, MN

15. Carl Lewis
Access Solutions Group, Palantine, IL

16. Ruth H. Lusher
US Department of Justice, Washington, DC

17. Robert Nichols
Nichols Design Associates, Washington, DC

18. Stuart Soneson
Ellerbe Becket, Minneapolis, MN

19. Linnie C.L. Tse
Designs for Living, Calgary, Canada

20. Andrew Walker
Andrew Walker Architect, London, England

21. Scott Windley
US Access Board, Washington, DC

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