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Book Cover: Building a World Fit for People

Description of Book Cover

Along with the text of the title, authors and publisher, the cover includes the photographs of each of the 21 people whose stories are in the book. The photographs are placed on a round form that looks like a globe, with rounded vertical lines and straight horizontal lines that frame each of the 21 photographs. Here are the names of the people, beginning with the vertical column on the far right of the globe, starting at the top and moving down: Jim L. Davis, Marcelo Guimaraes, Daniel G. Hunter, Robert Nichols, and Stuart Soneson. The next column to the left includes from the top: Yoshi Kawauchi, Terry J. Brown, Taide Buenfil Garza, Ruth Hall Lusher, Linnie C.L. Tse, and Joseph DelVecchio. The next column from the top includes: George Balsley, Maurizio Antoninetti, Kazuo Kawasaki, Ron Mace, Scott Windley, and Harold Dean Kiewel. The last column, on the far left from the top includes: Donna L. Cervantes Cunningham, Francesca Davenport, Carl Lewis, and Andrew Walker.

Around the top of the globe is part of the title: Building a World Fit for People. Around the bottom of the globe is the subtitle: Designers with Disabilities at Work. The authors' names are in a list in the lower left hand corner: Elaine Ostroff, Mark Limont, and Daniel G. Hunter. Adaptive Environments Center is printed in the lower right corner.

Along the left of the image is the spine of the book, which includes the title and authors.

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