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Building a World Fit for People: Designers with Disabilities at Work

For additional information contact any of the people on this list:

Randy Borst
State University of New York at Buffalo
Disability Services
Email: reborst@acsu.buffalo.edu
Phone: 1-716-645-2608

Valerie Fletcher
Executive Director
Adaptive Environments
Email: vfletcher@AdaptiveEnvironments.org
Phone: 1-617-695-1225 (ext. 26)

John Kemp
President and CEO
HalfthePlanet Foundation
Washington, D.C.
Email: jkemp@halftheplanet.org
Phone: 1-202-429-6812

Ruth Lusher
Program Manager
Disability Rights Section
U.S. Department of Justice
Washington, D.C.
Email: ruth.h.lusher@justice.usdoj.gov
Phone: 1-202-307-0819

Ray Lifchez
Department of Architecture
College of Environmental Design
University of California, Berkeley
Email: lifchez@socrates.berkeley.edu
Phone: 1-510-849-3059

Harold Dean Kiewel, AIA, CSI, CCS
Senior Architectural Specifier
Ellerbe Becket
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Email: harold_kiewel@ellerbebecket.com
Phone: 1-612-376-2157

Elaine Ostroff
Founding Director, Adaptive Environments Center
Project Director, Access to Design Professions
Email: elaine@ostroff.org
Phone: 1-508-636-6537

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