Building Careers in Design

Building Careers in Design

Building Careers in Design

Photo of architect Robert Nichols presenting a plan to the mayor of Buffalo.

Left: Architect Robert Nichols and the Mayor of Buffalo, NY discuss a waterfront plan for the city of Buffalo.

Career Descriptions

Descriptions of Fields of Design

These descriptions are taken from the Occupational Outlook Handbook This link will open a new browser window., published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics at the U.S. Department of Labor.

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Scene 1

You have decided to spend more money than usual on a pen that you will use for important documents at your desk. This will be that special "one pen" that no one else may use, and that you hope to keep forever. You have found three pens that interest you.

  • Pen A is a real work of art, comes with a decorative holder that you can use for display on your desk. You can also have it monogrammed at no additional cost. It produces the same line as the others, and you would be proud to own it.

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