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Universal Design Handbook, 2nd Edition

Packed with examples of standards and design solutions from influential nations around the world--including, of course, the United States and the proposed new Americans With Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines--UNIVERSAL DESIGN HANDBOOK covers the full scope of accommodation issues from universally-designed buildings to internet accessibility.

Wolfgang Preiser and Korydon Smith
New York: McGraw Hill
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Preparing and Recruiting Designers for an Inclusive Society

Plenary Address, Inclusion By Design
Montreal, Canada June 2, 2001

Elaine Ostroff
Global Universal Design Educator's Network
Founding Director, Adaptive Environments Center

Thank you. I'm honored to be here and to share my values about preparing and recruiting designers for an inclusive society.

In order to have inclusion by design, we need to involve users of all ages, abilities and economic status, so that whatever is designed - buildings, products, information - welcomes the participation of everyone.

Elaine Ostroff
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