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Opportunities for learning through IHCD include a Lunch & Learn series, trainings, workshops and events. Internship and fellowship opportunities are also available all-year-round.

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Our scope for consulting includes, among others, plan reviews, assessment of accessibility in the built environment and testing of digital and web accessibility.

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IHCD works with entrepreneurs, designers and businesses to evaluate concepts, prototypes or existing designs to assess usability for the widest possible spectrum of people.

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IHCD has an established database of user/experts, chosen for each opportunity to find the best match between the person and the project.


Inclusive Design

Inclusive design is design that works for the widest sepctrum of users without the need for specialized adaptation, It centers around the user experience with a focus on social sustainability. IHCD uses the World Health Organization’s Definition of Disability as the foundation for our consulting and research work in the field and in our user/expert lab. We believe that good design must work not only for as many users as possible, but also enhance everyone’s experience.

Inclusive Design
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News & Events

Kathy Gips, Director of Training at the NE ADA Center/ Institute for Human Centered Design

Our very own Kathy Gips, Director of Training for the New England ADA Center, will be presenting at the Architecture Boston Expo this fall. Kathy will be speaking on two panels on November 28th. The first one, "WE05 - ADA Updates 2018" from 8:30 am to 10 am, discusses new updates from the U.S.…

Maddie Wilson and her mentor, champion wheelchair racer, Tatyana McFadden at the race track

August 17, 2018

At 9 years old, Wilson is a precocious wheelchair racing talent. And at 29, McFadden is the most decorated female wheelchair racer in the world. She’s won 18 major world marathon titles, including four Grand Slams — that’s winning Boston, London, Chicago and New York…

Front of IHCD office with HUBweek posters and handouts

Institute for Human Centered Design invites you to our Open Doors Event as part of HUBweek 2018.  On Tuesday, October 9th, we will host a series of speakers from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. at our office in downtown Boston.  Throughout the day we will also have demonstrations and exhibits, such as …

Wegmans logo

SAN DIEGO August 28, 2018 – Aira is pleased to announce that Wegmans Food Markets is the first Aira-enabled supermarket chain in the United States. As the first partner in the Aira Supermarket Network, all Wegmans stores are now Aira Access Locations, giving any member of the blind and low-…

News & Events

User/Expert Lab

A user/expert is a person who has developed expertise by means of their lived experience in dealing with the challenges of the environment due to a physical, sensory or cognitive functional limitation. IHCD has an established database of user/experts who range from adolescents to people in their ‘80s. Participants help review the usability and accessibility of physical environments as well as products, services and new technologies.

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New England ADA Center

IHCD is home to the New England ADA Center; the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a comprehensive federal civil rights law that prohibits discrimination in all aspects of life on the basis of disability. There are five Titles within the ADA that outline rights and responsibilities of employers, state and local government, businesses and non-profits, architects and designers and individuals and advocates, and IHCD strives to help customers reach standards set by these titles.

elderly people attending an ada educational lecture
New England ADA

About Us

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We are committed to advancing the role of design in expanding opportunity and enhancing experience for people of all ages, abilities and cultures through excellence in design.

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IHCD has built a large family of friends and allies over 30 years, and we are proud to say that this inner circle is characterized by both longevity of commitment and an appetite for the next frontier.

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IHCD is located at 200 Portland Street, Boston, MA 02114.

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