20th International Ergonomics Association Congress in Florence, August 2018

Aug 26, 2017

IEA Florence 2018 Creativity in practice

The Italian Society of Ergonomics is pleased to host in 2018 in Florence, Italy, the 20th international IEA conference. It is the first time in the history of the 50 years of the IEA and the SIE that this event will take place in Italy and we are proud! The theme of the congress is “Creativity in Practice”, with reference to the typical challenge of the Italian way to innovation engaged to transform the results of research on innovation in concrete actions to improve the quality of life and work. The event will be not only an occasion to share new researches and case histories, but also an occasion to meet professionals from different countries, all engaged in brainstorming sessions to generate new ideas.
A quite new transversal design approach that is developing interesting synergies and practical results is Design for All-Universal Design.
We would like to develop new scientifc proposals for sessions symposia and whorkshops on these topical application fields related to Ergonomics and Design for All:
1. Evolution of international standards (built environment, product design, safety, social inclusion, accessible technology, for All);
2. Usability of the built environment, including Museums (accessibility; safety; communication systems; inclusive activities and workshops; wayfinding and wayshowing for All);
3. Cultural and Leisure Tourism (welcoming; networking; facilities, for All).
30 September 2017
Closing “Call for Papers”: Special Session, Symposium, Workshop and short course
30 November 2017
Closing “Call for Papers”: Abstract
30 December 2017
Closing “Call for Papers”: History and stories of Human factors
We are expecting many papers with good case histories and researches on Design for Design for All-Universal Design, we are waiting for you!
For further information, please visit www.iea2018.org and contact Isabella Steffan, executive team, IEA TC EinDfA chair: info@studiosteffan.it