Award Recipient of the Eighth Annual Generative Space Award Announced

Jan 29, 2018


The Advisory Board and the Judges of The CARITAS Project’s Eighth Annual Generative Space Award are pleased
to announce that one project has received the Award at the annual Healthcare Facilities Symposium and Expo

(HFSE) during the Award Luncheon on Monday, 18 September 2017. The project is the:



Jordan Valley Cancer Center, in West Jordan, UT, designed by TSA Architects, of Salt Lake City.

Judges’ Comments:

‘I liked this from the beginning. Unusually for cancer centres, this entry... builds its story around communities, beginning with people living with cancer and moving outwards through families, staff and the wider locality. It puts into practice the 'new paradigm' LBD diagram in breaking out of a bilateral transactional relationship to embrace the admittedly complex interactions between service user, provider and community. The architecture follows... in carefully thought-through space-forming, empathetic finishes, and legibility. This story is therefore about people and not just space.
...the Jordan Valley Cancer Centre is at heart a generative space, designed as such and recognised by its users as a good place to be at a time of crisis. I am therefore happy to recommend it for a Generative Space Award.’
‘I recommend the Jordan Valley Cancer Center for the 2017 Generative Space Award as the creation of the Center alone exhibits systemic improvements in health, vitality, and the well-being of the individuals, organizations, and the community as depicted in The New Paradigm diagram. The stand-out features of this project include its comprehensiveness of specialty providers and the Nurse Navigators model of care which makes the facility unique. The Centre definitely has the physical and social features that help create a generative space including a nature-inspired healing oasis. Additional examples of bringing in the community in this design is the shared community conference hall which hosts events for the Chamber of Commerce, city meetings, prevention workshops, yoga classes, etc.’
‘I really like the project. It is a striking and lovely building with beautiful interiors.’
‘The fact that the facility is a gathering place speaks to its success in removing the stigma of cancer. The spaces are actively connected to nature, look calm collaboration; all needed in cancer care.’
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Additional information is available at: for the overall Generative Space Award.