Call for Entries - The Generative Space Award

End Date: 
Jun 15, 2017

Call for Entries : The Generative Space Award

Deadline for submittals to the Generative Space Award is 15 June 2017.

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drawing of three people holding hand in a dance around a small townImagine living in a world that naturally provides us — each and every one of us — with all the environmental conditions that create an experience of flourishing. Imagine our living spaces being like this, or our workplaces, or even our communities. Let’s even be so bold to imagine that it isn't ‘this place’ or ‘that place’ — let's imagine that we can flourish in every place.

The CARITAS Project has pioneered the development of a learning process that does just that. As a result of international scientific research, extensive field-testing in 6 countries, and a thorough peer review, The CARITAS Project is now firmly in a position to establish the recognized global knowledge clearinghouse for the wider community to benefit from. This new knowledge source, known as ‘A Place to Flourish’ , is the fourth project of The CARITAS Project.

This new clearinghouse is now available here, within the web pages of this site. In the pages that follow, you will find both practical resources to enable you to learn about creating places that support human flourishing, as well as ongoing documentation about the annual ‘Generative Space Award’ . Construction of this site began in 2011, and is ongoing — so, visit it often and bring its benefits into your life, work, and community.



The CARITAS Project provides knowledge-based resources in the field of healthcare, namely how systemic and sustainable improvements in healthcare can be achieved through ‘generative space’. .