Disability Innovation Summit 2017 July 13th and 14th

Drawing of an arm

Disability Innovation Summit 2017

13th and 14th July 2017 @QueenElizabethOlympicPark.

The Disability Innovation Summit is a unique opportunity for academics, disabled people, practitioners, community members, international partners, organisations and innovators to shape the future of disability.
Technology is shifting the disability landscape. Advancements in prosthetics, wheelchairs, wearable tech and bionics are changing the lives of disabled people, but we’re just at the beginning of the story. We know there is a huge potential for science, engineering, computing, robotics, sport and art to come together, to share knowledge and push the boundaries of design.
The GDI Hubs first Summit is being held in London during the IPC's 2017 Para Athletics Championships.
Join us and help shape the future.
We are looking for Papers and Ideas to feature in the Summit - submit yours experiences or innovations. 
The Summit will cover the following areas: 
  • The latest technologies and research
  • Disability dance, fashion and art
  • Global projects and innovations
  • Assistive technology 
  • Built environment and inclusive design
  • Sport and community 
  • Workplace and corporates
You'll hear from leading innovators, academics and athletes as we bring together disabled and non-disabled experts to shape the future through collaboration and co-design.