IHCD Lunch & Learn Lecture: Tactile Studio

Start Date: 
Sep 7, 2018
Event Time: 
12PM - 2PM

Tactile Studio

Friday, September 7, 2018, 12:00PM - 2:00PM
200 Portland Street, Boston, MA 02114

10 Years of Tactile Experiences:

350 Projects to Make Culture / Art / Science Accessible

Tactile Studio is a global leader in creating accessible arts-related content as well as interactive and innovative tactile displays. Their journey began in France with a focus on making arts content accessible for blind or visually impaired people but has vastly expanded in recent years to focus on inclusive, accessible and innovative arts content for all, regardless of age, ability, race, education or any other demographic factors. As of the summer of 2016, Tactile also has offices in England, Germany and Austria. Their body of work boasts over three hundred projects globally, including the Eiffel Tower, Musée du Louvre, Foundation Louis Vuitton and The Pantheon.
In this talk, they will utilize a few selected projects to illustrate the various ways to cater to the specific needs of people.


Pioneer of Design for All in Europe, Philippe founded an accessibility design agency: Tactile Studio in 2009. In France and abroad, he manages more than 350 accessibility projects. Through years and conferences, he spread a sensory approach to contents . His will is to participate in the creation of a more inclusive world where design is at the service of diversity.


Expert in sensory accessibility and ergonomics, Aurélia has been active in the cultural field for 10 years. After being in charge on the renovation of the Musée de l’Homme as accessibility manager, then as coordinator of the Publics Departement, she joined Tactile Studio as specialist in museology and accessibility for the visually impaired. Her knowledge of the museum world and of the visitors needs are valuable assets.
Foundation Vuitton Work in Progress
Image of Foundation Vuitton Work in Progress. The Louis Vuitton Foundation wanted to make their building accessible to the public, in particular people with visual impairments. The great building by American architect Frank Gehry takes the form of a sailboat's sails inflated by wind. Among the many particularities of the architecture is the near impossibility to visually dissociate the exterior envelope of the building and its exterior volumes. Tactile Studio therefore conceived a tool for visitors to discover the building in a progressive manner: first, a model shows the building as a whole, then the building without its envelope of "sails", and, finally, the building in transverse section.
Woman Dressed in Woollen Garment; Protective Deity Central Asia, Bactria, 2300-1700 BC
Image of Woman Dressed in Woollen Garment; Protective Deity Central Asia, Bactria, 2300-1700 BC. Dressed in a voluminous garment made of tufts of wool, this woman has a majestic bearing and an enigmatic smile. In the first villages made up of farmers, female statuettes represented concerns with fertility.