Apr 11, 2016

Generative Space Award: call for entriesThe Generative Space Award recognizes break-through designs that improve health and healthcare. Submit your recent projects that clearly demonstrate the integration of the physical and social environments to make your community be A Place to Flourish.

Visit the Caritas Project website to learn about the entry requirements.

Feb 8, 2016

Exhibitionist Fall 2015 CoverThe Fall 2015 edition of the journal of the National Association for Museum Exhibition, Creating an Inclusive Experience: Exhibitions and Universal Design, includes articles written or co-written by the IHCD team.  Jan Majewski, IHCD Director, Inclusive Cultural and Educational Projects, co-authored with Clare Brown What Makes an Exhibition Inclusive: A 20-Year Conversation about Universal Design; Willa Crolius, IHCD Director of the User/Expert Lab co-authored with Sara Smith, Greg Sprick and David Michaud the Exhibition Critique on the Hall of Human Life at the Museum of Science, Boston; Valerie Fletcher, IHCD’s Executive Director, wrote the Book Review, The Multisensory Museum: Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives on Touch, Sound, Smell, Memory, and Space.

Visit the National Association for Museum Exhibition's website for more information

Feb 8, 2016

At Home with Autism: Designing Housing for the SpectrumThe University of Bristol, the Chicago University Press, has published a landmark book on designing homes for people on the Autism Spectrum, At Home with Autism.  The authors, Kim Steele and Sherry Ahrentzen, have been exploring this issue with rare sensitivity and thoroughness for some years. This 320 page book is a tour-de-force with a thoroughgoing analysis of research and precedent, practical design guidelines, encyclopedic references, and an informed rationale for the importance of flexibility and variety. Kim Steele is a research and design consultant focused on improving quality of life through design. Sherry Ahrentzen is the Shimberg Professor of Housing Studies at the University of Florida.

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Feb 8, 2016

IHCD is currently looking for candidates for the position of Senior Architect. The Senior Architect must have deep content expertise in accessibility (Americans with Disabilities Act, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, International Building Code) and in the practice of universal/inclusive design.  The Senior Architect has primary responsibility for securing and managing design services projects and assuring the most efficient and cost-effective execution of their scope of work as well as the integration of cutting edge inclusive design methods. The Senior Architect also plays a key role in the management of consulting projects such as comprehensive existing condition analysis and architectural plan review for accessibility and for inclusive design. The Senior Architect collaborates to ensure that design and consulting projects are documented and disseminated as central to IHCD’s mission.

Feb 1, 2016

Journal of Legals Aspecta of Sport coverIHCD’s Inclusive Sports team co-authored co-authored an article for the Journal of Legal Aspects of Sport, in a special issue, The Americans with Disabilities Act 25th Anniversary: Assessing Opportunities, Challenges, and Progress.  JLAS Volume 26, Issue 1, February.  Universal Design: Moving the Americans with Disabilities Act from Access to Inclusion is co-authored by Mary A. Hums. Samuel H Schmidt, Andrew Novak and Eli Wolff. IHCD appreciates the Journal’s agreement to allow two weeks of open access to the article.  Please contact Eli to request a copy @   Please request a copy before February 14th!

Access the article online

Dec 3, 2015

Inclusion by Design Impact Awards in Sport and Physical Activity #committoinclusionOn the occasion of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, the Physical Activity and Sport Task Force of the Global Partnership on Children with Disabilities (GPcwd) is launching the Inclusion by Design Impact Awards. The goal of this award is to inspire and share best practices that demonstrate excellence and innovation in their approach to achieving more inclusion for children and adolescents with disabilities around the world. 

Dec 3, 2015

In Brussels, Belgium on December 2, 2015, the European commission proposed the a European Accessibility Act which will set common accessibility requirements for certain key products and services that will help people with disabilities at EU level to participate fully in society.

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Dec 1, 2015

Sina Bahram giving a presentationSina Bahram is an accessibility consultant, researcher, and entrepreneur. He is the founder of Prime Access Consulting (PAC), an accessibility firm whose clients include high-tech startups, fortune 1000 companies, and both private and nationally-funded museums. Sina is also a doctoral candidate in computer science at North Carolina State University.  His field of research is Human Computer Interaction (HCI) focusing on multi-modal approaches for eyes-free exploration of spatial information.

Nov 23, 2015

Autism Speaks is offering $150,000 in prizes for belief-busting breakthroughs in housing and residential supports for adults with autism.

Sep 21, 2015

How I Walk: A Campaign to Rebrand WalkingHow I Walk is a movement  to rebrand the word walking by challenging individual and societal perspectives.

The visual campaign aims to promote walking as an inclusive physical activity term that is individualized.  There are various ways to walk, and now is the time to rebrand the word walking so that everybody is included in walking initiatives.

Find out more at the How I Walk website