Sep 15, 2015

Global AgeWatch Index 2015: Insight Report CoverThe Global AgeWatch Index 2015 presents a unique snapshot of the situation of older people in 96 countries of the world today.

It highlights which countries are doing best for their older populations and how this links with policies towards pensions, health, education, employment and the social environment in which older people live.

As the number and proportion of older people increases at an unprecedented rate, our third report shows what works for older people but also highlights how much work needs to be done. This year the Index focuses on the regions, hearing from older people themselves and looking at the widely varying geographical trends.

To download the report in several languages visit the Global AgeWatch Index website

Sep 9, 2015

Center for Excellence in Universal DesignThe Center for Excellence in Universal Design part of the National Disability Authority of Ireland produced two new housing publications: "Universal Design Guidelines for Homes in Ireland" and "Universal Design Guidelines,  Dementia Friendly Dwellings for People with Dementia, their Families and Carers". They are online for free download on the Center for Excellence in Universal Design's website

Sep 8, 2015

Gallaudet UniversityAs the world’s only liberal arts university for deaf and hard of hearing students, Gallaudet University, in Washington, D.C., is the preeminent center of deaf experience, research and culture.

A new design competition for the historic core of the Gallaudet campus and adjacent public realm will focus on themes of cultural exchange and innovative placemaking.

Aug 17, 2015

Taxi of Tomorrow exterior shotIn 2007, City officials convened a group of stakeholders, including representatives of taxi drivers, owner and passengers, to create a set of goals for the next New York City taxi cab, a project called the Taxi of Tomorrow. In December 2009, the TLC issued a "request for proposals," inviting auto manufacturers and designers to submit their best ideas for a purpose-built vehicle to serve as a New York City taxicab. On May 3, 2011 Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, Deputy Mayor Stephen Goldsmith and Taxi and Limousine Commissioner David Yassky announced that the NV200, designed by Nissan North America, Inc., has been chosen as the winner of the Taxi of Tomorrow competition. The City now will enter into final negotiations with Nissan to make the NV200 the first taxicab specially built for use in New York City and the City's exclusive taxicab for a decade!

Taxi of Tomorrow website

Jul 20, 2015

MIT student working with a clientThe MIT class, 6.811, Principles and Practices of Assistive Technology, team's engineering students want to work with clients with disabilities to create customized assistive technology solutions. They are looking for clients with specific project ideas for their class this upcoming fall.

Find out more and apply

Jul 20, 2015

Two people look at architectural plans

Aurora Levins Morales, writer and poet, has Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, which means she cannot live in conventional houses because they contain toxic chemicals that make her ill.  She has spent more than five years designing a 32 foot, non-toxic, sustainable house on wheels inspired by the work Leslie Lawrence and Justin Taylor have designed other kinds of non-toxic, mobile houses. Aurora needs help funding her new home and has started an Indiegogo page.

Watch Aurora's campaign video

Donate or learn more at Aurora's Indiegogo page

Jul 17, 2015

London Olympic StadiumThis project is a day-long inclusive cities symposium within Architecture Boston Expo (ABX) and a complementary 24-hour Design Challenge for design students and young practitioners focused on the design of "Olympic Boulevard." London's leadership made the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games a catalyst for creating an international model of an inclusive city across the diversity of ability, age, and culture. With Boston as the likely US candidate competing for the 2024 Olympics, London offers a precedent for delivering a legacy of cutting-edge inclusive design. Five Inclusive London design leaders will present at the symposium on November 18th to share their experience and strategies and also to serve as jurors for the 24-Hour Olympic Boulevard Design Challenge. 

Jun 10, 2015

Commit to Inclusion"The Institute for Human Centered Design and its Inclusive Sports Initiative commits to promoting the implementation of universal design in all aspects and all levels of sport, physical activity, recreation and play. We are committed to furthering research, education and advocacy to advance the rights and dignity of people with disabilities in all settings around the world. Through a systems-change and cross-sector approach, we are committed to raising awareness and creating visibility through the media and mainstream sport regarding the athletic abilities and capabilities of individuals with disabilities."

May 19, 2015

Chris DowneyChris Downey, AIA, taps into the fundamentals of design without sight and without any qualms.

Read the article at the American Institute of Architect's website

May 1, 2015

International Association for Universal DesignThe International Association for Universal Design (IAUD) conducts activities aimed at achieving its basic objective: “To contribute to the healthy development of society, and improve the welfare of humanity as a whole, through further disseminating and actualizing of Universal Design (UD).”

In that vein, we have been hosting IAUD Award since 2010, which will recognize groups and individuals who have conducted or proposed particularly noteworthy activities aimed at realizing a UD society in which everyone - regardless of age, gender, nationality, ethnicity, culture, ability, customs, or other factors - can live comfortably, without feeling any undue inconvenience. IAUD cordially invites you to apply for the awards of excellence in universal design.