Feb 25, 2014

The Zero ProjectThe Zero Project was initiated by the Essl Foundation in 2010. It is run in partnership with the World Future Council (WFC) since 2011 and with the European Foundation Centre (EFC) since 2013.

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Jan 22, 2014
IHCD is delighted to announce that one of the nation's most respected experts on accessibility and universal design has joined the organization as Advisor, Inclusive Culture and Development as of January 6th.  Ms. Majewski has been Accessibility Specialist, Disability Rights Section, and U.S. Department of Justice from May 2001 to January 2014. She worked as a team member with Section lawyers and architects in enforcement efforts to research and evaluate subject museums. 
Jan 15, 2014

The U.S. Access Board has released its final report on accessibility standards for medical diagnostic equipment, such as examination tables, scales, and x-ray machines. These standards will be used to make sure that medical equipment is accessible and usable by people with disabilities.

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Jan 13, 2014

Enlightening and Empowering People with Disabilities in Africa (EEPD Africa) is an organization founded by Ford Foundation Fellow and former IHCD Intern Sefakor Komabu Pomeyie. EEPD Africa needs your support to fight for the right to education for people with disabilities in Ghana. Education is a human right as it opens doors, expands opportunities and freedom for everybody around the globe. Unfortunately, most people with disabilities in Ghana are not readily enjoying this provision.

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Jan 8, 2014

Metropolitan Boston Housing Partnership, Inc. is a regional nonprofit housing agency serving 30 communities in the Greater Boston area.

The Regional Housing Coordinator will outreach to the network of housing entities, including public housing authorities and private landlords, across MBHP’s greater Boston region in an effort to better serve individuals needing long term care that will allow them to receive services in their community rather than in a long-term care facility.

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Dec 23, 2013

Brian Mullen, Ph.D. and CEO of Therapeutic Systems is an entrepreneur, design engineer and researcher with a passion for designing innovative medical products and assistive technologies. He won a Gold Award in 2011 from the highly competitive Mass Challenge.

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Dec 16, 2013

The Institute for Human Centered Design (IHCD) is pleased to announce a  formal collaboration and new project of IHCD: Access Recreation Boston.  The project's mission is to increase and enhance recreation opportunities for people with disabilities in the greater Boston area.  The leadership team, comprised of some of the area's most innovative leaders in inclusive sport, who include in 2013 Marcin Kunicki, Director of Community Boating's Universal Access Program, Karen Foster, Executive Director of All Out Adventures, Chenine Peloquin, Director of Recreation for EMARC, Tom McCarthy, Director of the Department of Conservation and Recreation's DCR's Universal Access Program.

Dec 12, 2013

IAUD Awards 2013 had 38 entries from all over the world. The Awards 2013 Selection Committee judged the entries rigorously and impartially and they selected Grand Award,6 Gold Awards,7 Silver Awards and 14 IAUD Awards of each category. The IAUD Awards 2013 ceremony was held at the site of the “IAUD 10th Anniversary memorial event” on November 21st, 2013 at the FUJI ZEROX R&D SQUARE in Yokohama City.

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Dec 9, 2013

The Department of Justice announced on Friday, December 6 that a settlement had been reached with Newseum Inc., which owns and operates the Newseum, to address alleged violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Please pay particular attention to the appendices that detail expectations.

The Department of Justice press release on the settlement

Dec 6, 2013

Arts and Cultural Production Account for 3.2 Percent -- or $504 Billion -- of Gross Domestic Product in 2011

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