Great Places Awards 2010: Call for Entries

Nov 2, 2009

Places: Design Observer and EDRA, the Environmental Design Research Association, in cooperation with Metropolis Magazine announce the twelfth annual Great Places Awards for Place Design, Planning and Research.

The deadline for entries for the 2010 Great Places Awards is February 10, 2010.

Unique in the ever-expanding universe of award programs, our concern is for good places and how people inhabit them.

We seek entries of exemplary work, inviting participation from a range of design and research disciplines, recognizing projects whose significance extends beyond any one profession or field. Projects should emphasize a link between research and practice, demonstrating how an understanding of human interaction with place can inspire design.

The awards jury will be held February 24-26, 2010 at the School of Architecture at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, with winners announced the week following.  Official presentations will be made in June 2010 at the annual EDRA conference, to be held this year in Washington, DC (see for more details).  Winning projects will be reported in Metropolis and by Places journal ( These projects will also be exhibited in the National Building Museum during the Annual EDRA conference.

2010 Jury

  • Ralph E. Johnson, Perkins & Will Architects
  • Laura J. Lawson, Landscape Architecture, University of Illinois−Urbana Champaign
  • David Miller, Miller/Hull Partnership and Architecture, University of Washington
  • Lynda Schneekloth, Architecture and Planning, State University of New York−Buffalo
  • Kathleen L. Wolf, College of the Environment, University of Washington−Seattle

The Program

The Great Places Awards are unique among programs that recognize professional and scholarly excellence in environmental design.  They are distinguished by their interdisciplinary focus, concern for human factors in the design of the built environment, and a commitment to promoting links between design research and practice.

We invite participation from the full breadth of environmental design and related research activities, including architecture, landscape architecture, planning, urban design, interior design, lighting design, graphic design, environmental psychology, sociology, anthropology, geography and the physical sciences.

Each year we assemble a jury with diverse backgrounds in design, research, teaching and practice.  The jury evaluates how each project, no matter what the discipline, addresses the human experience of well-designed places.  Special attention is paid to the transferability of research about human experience of place into design and planning practice.  The jury will select six winners from  three categories: place design, place planning, place research, and a book prize.

Submissions are accepted in the following categories:

Place Research.  All types of research about the design and use of places can be entered, including (but not limited to) projects that document the form or perception of places or landscapes; evaluate the use or management of recent projects or established settings; or provide background for specific designs, plans or sustainable practices

Place Planning.  Any plan that makes proposals for the future use, management or design of a place can be entered — including master plans, specific plans or elements, management plans, vision documents, or charrette proposals.  Plans must have been sponsored by an organized entity (such as a public agency, community group, or private business or institution), though they need not have received official approval.

Place Design.  Any design project completed within the last five years (but long enough to assess how well it functions for its users) can be entered.  Projects can consist of individual structures, spaces or elements, or groups that work together as a unit.  They can involve the design of something new or the reuse of existing resources. The scale may be large or small.  Each project should account for its relation to the larger environment of which it is a part.

Book Award.  Any recently published book advancing the critical understanding of place and design of exceptional environments may be entered.  The book may be primarily scholarly, practical, literary or visual.  However, it must be currently available to the public through bookstores, commercial websites, or direct purchase from a publisher,  Books may not be self-published.  They must have been published for the first time in the last two years.  They may not be re-edited or be re-released versions of older works.

For more information and to submit your entry, please visit Great Places Awards 2010 Submission Rules