Networks for Mobility 2008 Call for Papers

Feb 23, 2008

Deadline for Abstracts is February 29th

About the Symposium

Solutions for most current and future transportation
problems can be found neither for single modes of transport nor within
single disciplines. On the contrary, improvements in the sense of
sustainable mobility require close ties between modes of transport as well
as the integration of planning, technical and socioeconomic competences. The
effects of political decisions on the one hand, and the interaction of
supply and demand on the other, and finally the technical and planning
possibilities lead to interdependencies that can only be treated in system
approaches and network solutions.

We encounter networks and interdependencies in all fields of transportation
and mobility: in transport infrastructure with the interaction of road,
rail, land use and open space; in telematics and road pricing with their
demanding information processes; in combined passenger and freight transport
linking road and rail; in public transport with the conflicting requirements
of passengers and operators; in politics with the interaction of
transportation, environment and society.

The symposium derives its name "NETWORKS FOR MOBILITY" from the network
approach and sees itself as a forum for interdisciplinary exchange of the
various areas of transportation science and related fields. The first three
symposia (of 2002, 2004 and 2006) have shown that bringing together
representatives of the various disciplines leads to new insights and new
projects. The scientists and practitioners