A New National Academy: <em>National Academy of Environmental Design</em>

Feb 14, 2008

The National Academy of Environmental Design (http://www.naedonline.org/) is being established by a coalition of education and professional organizations focused on the built environment. The academy, which is proposed to be housed within the the existing National Academies, would share their mission of addressing critical national issues and providing advice to the federal government and the public.

These National Academies were created during times of extreme need for the nation. Today, pressing and catastrophic challenges again face the United States and the world, including precipitous climate change, species extinction, epidemics affecting human health, and a wide range of toxins, the impacts of which are poorly understood even when recognized.

New knowledge regarding the design, construction, and maintenance of cities, landscapes, buildings, interiors, and products is being developed daily. To deliver this knowledge in the most timely and powerful way to colleagues in allied disciplines and, more importantly, to the public, it is necessary to create a multiprofessional, multidisciplinary organization responsible only to the public.

The coalition for the NAED formed in Fall 2007 and continues to grow. Individuals and organizations are invited to join this effort by endorsing the resolution for establishing the NAED.

Download the press release (1.28.08) about forming the NAED.

Download the 1-page proposal and resolution now.