Award Winners Selected!

The Access to Design Professions Project at Adaptive Environments Center has selected for the new awards program for teaching during the academic year 2003-2004. Ten faculty teams were awarded $1000 stipends to support design studios that address issues of social justice - both for students as well as users of the built environment.

This program is supported in part by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts. This link will open a new browser window.

The selected faculty, their affiliations and the titles of their studios are listed below. Full descriptions of each studio can be found on Universal Design Education Online. This link will open a new browser window.

  1. Wearable, Workable, Livable
    Hansy Better, Assistant Professor
    Rhode Island School of Design

  2. Studio VII Returning Home: Integrated Elderly Housing in the South End Neighborhood of East St. Louis, Illinois
    Lynne Dearborn, Assistant Professor
    School of Architecture
    University of Illinois, Champaign Urbana
    Jason Lockhart, Assistant Professor
    Southern University School of Architecture

  3. ARCH 401: Architectural Design V ID 425: Advanced Planning & Design I LA 460: Interdisciplinary Design Studio
    Keith Diaz Moore, Ph.D, Assistant Professor
    Interdisciplinary Design Institute
    Washington State University

  4. The Art of Living Well: The Auto and the Pedestrian Reconsidered In Strip Redevelopments
    Michael Gamble, Assistant Professor
    Jude Leblanc, Associate Professor
    College of Architecture
    Georgia Institute of Technology

  5. Topical Studio--Charlotte Community Design Studio (CCDS) Subtitle: Building/Border/Culture: Charlotte as the Gateway to the New (Latin) American South
    Dr. Jose Gamez, Assistant Professor
    College of Architecture
    University of North Carolina, Charlotte

  6. Community Theatre as a Catalyst for Urban and Cultural Regeneration in Poor Areas of Detroit
    Joongsub Kim, Assistant Professor
    College of Architecture & Design
    Lawrence Technological University

  7. ARCH 506L Intro Grad Studio II/ARCH 506 Graphics Seminar II
    Karen King, Lecturer III
    Geoffrey Adams, Assistant Professor
    School of Architecture and Planning
    University of New Mexico

  8. Experimental Research Lab [Rensselaer], Taller (Studio) 7, [UNIACC], Studio 5 [FIU], Synthetic Landscapes
    Brian Lonsway, Assistant Professor; Director of Informatics and Architecture
    School of Architecture
    Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

  9. ARC 4536--Architectural Design IV-A, The Architectural Foundations of Communication in Human Equity
    Christopher Monson, Assistant Professor
    College of Architecture
    Mississippi State University

  10. Architectural Design III (ARCH607): Healing Environments
    Dr. Mardelle Shepley, Associate Dean
    Texas A&M University
    College of Architecture