Design for Social Justice: Partnerships in Recruiting Students with Disabilities

The intent of the three

demonstration projects in post-secondary schools was to support the recruitment of people with disabilities into careers in design. Prior Architecture for Social Justice Projects have focused on Schools of Architecture. These new projects invited a wider audience that included other design professions as well as architecture. They could include landscape, interiors, industrial design, graphic design, web design, textile design, information design, CAD, drafting, etc. The projects focused on one or more of the following goals:

  • Teach people with disabilities about careers in design.
  • Recruit students with disabilities into post-secondary design education programs.
  • Develop professional interaction and understanding among design professors, disability services staff, career counselors, vocational rehab counselors and high school guidance counselors.

The Demonstration Projects

  • Mississippi State University
    Project Title: Broadening Design Discovery in Mississippi
  • University at Buffalo
    Project Title: Opportunities and Challenges for Hearing Impaired Students in University Level Architecture Programs
  • University of Oregon
    Project Title: Policy Development for Supporting Students With Disabilities Participation and Success In Schools Of Architecture and Design