What is E-Mentoring?

Mentoring as an identified relationship dates back to King Odysseus who sent his son, Telemachus, to his friend Mentor for guidance and teaching. The mentor is someone with valuable experience who guides and encourages an individual t grow and excel, The protégé is the recipient of this guidance, interest and care. Mentorship has been a part of some fields, such as architecture, for a long time. Because it is such a valuable relationship, it lends itself well to all of the design fields: architecture and interior design, urban design, landscape design, industrial design, graphic and communication design, information design, and undoubtedly some design fields that haven't been invented yet. We will use the traditional one-on-one model of mentoring in a contemporary electronic format via the Internet. The ability to draw upon the Internet with its tremendous variety of social collaboration tools allows Adaptive Environments and program participants to use these tools to facilitate communications. The process starts with an introductory e-mail to facilitate contact between the mentor and the protege. To participate as a mentor or protégé please contact Ruth Lusher