2004 Annual Disability Status Reports

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About the Annual Disability Status Reports

The Annual Disability Status Reports provide policy makers, disability advocates, reporters, and the public with a summary of the most recent demographic
and economic statistics on the working-age (ages 21-64) population with disabilities. They contain information on the population size, prevalence,
employment, earnings, poverty, household income, home ownership, and activity limitations of working-age people with disabilities, as well as the composition of this population by age, race, gender, and educational attainment. Comparisons are made to working-age people without disabilities, across types of disabilities, and to the previous year. Additional statistics by state are available at www.DisabilityStatistics.org.

The Status Reports look at the working-age population (21-64) because the
employment gap between people with and without disabilities is a major focus
of government programming and advocacy efforts. Furthermore, employment
is a key factor in the social integration and economic self-sufficiency of
working-age people with disabilities. Future Status Reports will address the
school- and retirement-age populations and eventually expand to education
and health-related issues.

The estimates in the 2004 Disability Status Reports are based on American
Community Survey (ACS) data