ADA Title II Action Guide for State and Local Governments & Supplement on Employment

Title II of the ADA applies to programs, services, and agencies of state and local governments, regardless of the size of the public entity. That means, for example, that even a small rural police department that has three officers and a dispatcher must comply with Title II requirements. The Title II Action Guide for State and Local Governments directs you through the 5 steps needed to prepare to comply with the requirements, details the 4 principles that should guide your implementation, and takes you through each of the 3 essential phases of an effective compliance program. Nine worksheets help manage the self evaluation and transition plan process.

The Supplement on Employment provides important new information and further clarification of ADA legal requirements, to keep your employment practices consistent with ADA requirements. The Supplement also offers practical suggestions useful to public entities, sample employment application listing permissible and non-permissible questions, and five worksheets to provide a hands-on mechanism to complete your self-evaluation.

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