Architecture and the Brain: A New Knowledge Base from Neuroscience

Architecture and the Brain coverJohn P. Eberhard, Latrobe Fellow and founding president of the Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture artfully considers the question: What does neuroscience have to do with architecture? in this groundbreaking book Architecture and the Brain: A New Knowledge Base from Neuroscience. Eberhard asks whether it would not be useful to have solid evidence based on fundamental studies to back up the intuitions of the architect, valuable evidence to convince clients to make good design decisions on behalf of the eventual users. Architecture and the Brain explores this utility and the relationship of neuroscience and architecture in a clear, compelling, easily accessible introduction for architects and anyone interested in why, and how, good design evokes emotional response. A stimulant to the neuroscientific community, architects, and the general reader, this book can serve as the base for exploratory studies on the interface between architectural settings and human experiences and provide insight into issues not previously contemplated.

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John P. Eberhard
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