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This website is comprised of the following sections:

  • Museums' Legal Obligations - Summarizes federal accessibility laws.

  • The Disability Rights Movement - Directs you to relevant web sites presenting the issues as well as the people involved in this struggle for civil rights.

  • Access Advisors - Suggests where to recruit people with personal and professional experience with various disabilities and how to involve them as advisors.

  • Access Survey - Connects you to checklists and outlines the process for conducting a survey of your facility, its goods and services.

  • Access Plan - Describes the process of writing a plan for removing the barriers you found during your access survey.

  • Best Practices - Contains practical advice on how to create access guides; improve conferences and meetings, exhibits, programs, facilities, interactions with visitors, live and recorded media, marketing, print materials, and web page design; and schedule sign language interpreters.

  • Funding - Provides links to foundations, and federal and state agencies that fund access projects. Behind the Scenes highlights people who exemplify successful practices.

  • Links and Publications List - Provides links to topics covered on these web pages.