Innovating with People: The Business of Inclusive Design

Innovating with People cover'Innovating with people The business of Inclusive Design' was published in May 2010 and gives readers an introduction as to how Inclusive Design can be used as a strategy for better business. The idea behind the book is to inspire, motivate and to show how industrial and commercial enterprises can integrate a people-centred approach in their own design and development processes. It is a practical guide and manual that contains the basic information you need to understand, debate and practice Inclusive Design. The content is compiled by individuals who have had extensive, practical experience in working with Inclusive Design in a business context. The book shares insights and learnings gathered over the years and presented in an easy-to-read format. Case studies and examples explain how other companies have benefited from Inclusive Design. A practice-based guide details nine research techniques for engaging with people and bringing their points of view into the design process. The book is aimed at business leaders, managers, marketers and designers who are involved in design, development or specification. It explains the Inclusive Design process, making the case for it both commercially and creatively, and provides a practical guide to techniques for applying it. Quick facts: Full title: Innovating With People - The Business of Inclusive Design. Editor-in-chief: Onny Eikhaug (The Norwegian Design Council). Editor: Rama Gherawo (RCA Helen Hamlyn Centre). Contributing authors: Onny Eikhaug, Rama Gheerawo, Cian Plumbe, Marianne Stoeren Berg and Merih Kunur. Project co-writer and Assistant: Victoria Hoisaether. Publisher: The Norwegian Design Council. Cover, book design and illustrations: Maureen Valfort. Layout design: Uniform AS Printing: Fladby AS.

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