EDeAN - Design for All Education and Training

European Design for All e-Accessibility Network (EDeAN) - Design for All Education and Training

URL: http://www.education.edean.org/index.php

Design for All is about ensuring that environments, products, services and interfaces work for people of all ages and abilities. Many professionals and students are interested in this, but there has been no easy source of information, methods, tools and examples to help them achieve it. This website aims to plug that gap by bringing together new and existing information and making it accessible via a single user-friendly interface. Originally developed as the RSA Inclusive Design Resource the website is now being further developed by EDeAN as Design for All Education and Training.

This website is for design students and their tutors, professional designers, design managers and policy makers across Europe. It was created to introduce newcomers to key concepts, examples and design/research methods, and to support practitioners in building up their own collection of tools and techniques.