The Essex Study: Optimised classroom acoustics for all

"This report is a very welcome and important addition to the literature on the need for good acoustic design of schools, providing conclusive evidence of the beneficial effects of improving the acoustic environment in classrooms.

"Problems caused by noise and poor acoustic design in educational settings have been recognised for over 100 years. If noise levels are too high or rooms are too reverberant pupils find it difficult to hear and understand their teachers, while teachers find it difficult to speak and often suffer from voice disorders as a result of continually raising their voice. Despite the introduction of various guidelines over the years aimed at ensuring good speaking and listening conditions in schools, many schools continue to be built which are acoustically ‘unfit for purpose’ with high noise levels and reverberant conditions creating difficulties for both pupils and teachers."

- Professor Bridget Shield

The Essex Study: Optimised classroom acoustics for all (PDF, 8.8MB)

David Canning & Adrian James
The Association of Noise Consultants