Universal Design, A Methodological Approach

Universal Design, A Methodological ApproachEach year IHCD publishes a book to coincide with our annual Socially Sustainable Design Symposium. This year IHCD is delighted to publish long-time colleague and friend Hubert Froyen's significant exploration of a potential method for creating a substantive evidence-based method to clarify and inspire the practice of universal design.

A student of Christopher Alexander in the 1970s at Berkeley, he holds an additional M.Arch. degree from UC Berkeley, 1979. He has taught architecture in Belgium since 1973 and appointed professor in the Department of Architecture, Diepenbeek in January 1996 and is now emeritus. He is the author of a Dutch language design guide for Adaptable Housing (1994) and a Universal Design Toolkit (2006). In May 2012 he published 'Universal Design. Een methodologische benadering' in Dutch. He is a former director of the European Institute for Design and Disability Belgium.The book was originally published in May of this year in Dutch. Professor Froyen is a former Director of the European Institute for Design and Disability Belgium.

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Hubert Froyen
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