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About the Sensory Trust

The Sensory Trust promotes and implements inclusive environmental design and management to ensure that opportunities for environmental education, access and participation are available to everyone, regardless of disability, age or background.

The Trust advises on issues, influences policy, informs and assists professional practice, showcases good practice, organises user-testing by disabled people, provides training/education and develops design and management projects.

The Trust aims to:

  • Increase professional awareness & skills to deliver inclusive environments.

  • Promote environmental participation & learning for people typically excluded by age or disability.

  • Collaborate with organisations and policy makers, and consult with users of open space.

  • Apply a multi-disciplinary approach combining environment, art and communication.

  • Facilitate open debate and involve disabled people in all levels of environmental planning, design and management.

  • Promote equal opportunities through education and campaigning.

  • Facilitate the dissemination of information and expertise to a range of targeted audiences including: policy decision makers, environmental designers/managers and potential beneficiaries of such environments.

  • Undertake action research and scoping studies to identify and try out new approaches to inclusive design and management.