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August 2012
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Webinar on Universal Design for Learning

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Habitat for Humanities Romania

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NNGR new report

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WHO New report and children with disabilities and violance

Bridging the Gap

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Healthcare Facilities symposium

2012 ANFA Conference

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I Can Dance: My life with a Disability

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image of Ricardo Gomes
Prof. Ricardo Gomes

"Design for Living: Creating an Inclusive LifeSpace for the Aging"


In preparation and recognition of the IDSA 2012 International Conference: The Future Is..., Prof. Ricardo Gomes, Chair of the Design and Industry Department at San Francisco State University will be presenting for the IHCD Lunch & Learn session, "Design for Living: Creating an Inclusive LifeSpace for the Aging"

The presentation will feature a Graduate Industrial Design Studio at SFSU that was held last Spring Semester 2012 that focused on inclusive, universal design applications in regards to identifying and developing responsive methodologies and procedures that encompass the promotion of flexible independent living environments that evolve with the user. The purpose of this seminar was to address and assess how design can be utilized to facilitate the micro and macro living environment ("LifeSpace") of as wide a range of the users as possible regardless of the user's ability, disability, age or gender. The seminar featured design concepts for the product environment and interior space that facilitates the universal access of essential spatial environments in the home that are key in sustaining and promoting "independent living" for both the elderly and persons with disabilities. These paramount issue of safe use, access and comfort confront and benefit all users on daily basis in their primary "LifeSpace," can be interpreted as their home space; work space; creative space; recreational space; or spiritual space.
The Grad Seminar supported a collaborative, interdisciplinary project that was human-centered and involved the participatory input of the designated users/beneficiaries. Although the Grad Seminar was a designated "ID" Studio, the studio employed a very interdisciplinary design methods and techniques based upon the IDEO HCD Toolkit. In this respect, the seminar conducted a number of bi-weekly studio methodology exercise relative to "Narrative Design", Design Storytelling and Product Service System (PSS) approach to the project outcomes. A diverse range of interdisciplinary guest speakers and consultants - architects, gerontologists, accessibility consultants, and product designers contributed to the seminar on a bi-weekly basis.

Institute for Human Centered Design
200 Portland st. Boston Ma.
When: Aug. 14th 12:00pm
To RSVP please email Willa Crolius at or call (617) 259-1655
Industrial Design Society of America's 2012 International Conference!


IDSA 2012 conference logo
IHCD's own Valerie Fletcher will be one of the keynote speaker at this years IDSA 2012 
international conference "the Future is....." Boston hosts this years IDSA International Conference. 


The Future Is... about us. How we work, laugh, learn, cooperate, connect and stay healthy. Topic experts will address the dramatically changing playing field in business and technology in a format where attendees contribute to the understanding of the information.  


To learn more Click Here.....


IHCD interns in the Access to Design Professionals project work hard testing accessibility of Important landmarks around Boston. 

image of Elaine Ostroff and intern Ashley Bernard sitting on a bench on the Rose Kennedy Greenway
Elaine Ostroff, and Ashley Bernard

IHCD hosted 8 students for a six week internship judging the accessability of parks and places in the greater Boston area. As well as provide our interns hands on experience in critical design thinking as well as an introduction to what it means to be a user-expert. Meeting two days a week our interns examined the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway, the Old State House, and new pedestrian bridge connecting North Point Park with Paul Revere Park. The summer program culminates in a presentation of user/expert findings to Linda Jonash Director of Planning and Design of the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway Conservancy.  


IHCD Welcomed Elena Cruz Gonzalez of Foundation ONCE based in Madrid Spain for two weeks of sharing and Learning.


Image of Elena Cruz Gonzalez in front of IHCD
Elena Cruz Gonzalez

Elena Cruz Gonzalez has been the Universal Accessibility Director of the ONCE Foundation since 2003 as well as is a lawyer with an MBA.The principal objective of ONCE is to implement programs of work-related training and employment for people with disabilities, and accessibility. Promoting the creation of inclusively designed environments, products and services. Elena visited the staff of IHCD for two weeks sharing what is happening with Spain in regards to disability rights, while learning more about US structure of laws and codes on accessibility and IHCD education, consulting, and design projects


To learn more about ONCE please 

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New Webinar available on Universal Design for Learning
National Center on Universal Design for Learning logo

Universal Design for Learning: Growing Momentum in States and Districts: On May 15, 2012, this Webinar on Universal Design for Learning offered new insights about how Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is emerging as a national innovation that is transforming curriculum and instruction for all learners. See the free Webinar or Download Report - Here's what you'll learn: UDL expert, Dr. David Rose, describes the UDL framework, followed by highlights from co-author Dr. Patti Ralabate on the findings of Universal Design for Learning: Initiatives on the Move, the first comprehensive study of the use of federal funding for UDL initiatives in 14 states and over 130 local districts.


News from the Congressional Roundtable luncheon featuring Congressman Jim Langevin. 

Image of Oce Harrison, Christopher Degrave, Casey Gartland, and Jim Langevin
Oce Harrison, Christopher Degrave, Casey Gartland, and Jim Langevin

Oce Harrison, Project Director of the New England ADA Center, Christopher Degrave, RI Governor's Commission on Disability and  Casey Gartland, Perspectives Corporation participated in the New England Council Congressional Roundtable luncheon featuring Congressman Jim Langevin.  The Congressman highlighted some of his work on cyber security issues.  In addition to co-chairing the Congressional Cyber security Caucus, the Congressman sits on the House Armed Services Committee and the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. 


To that end, Rep. Langevin explained that he is partnering with the SBA and the Rhode Island Small Business Development Center to host a program to inform small businesses of some of the funding opportunities available, including the SBIR (Small Business Innovation and Research) program.

Habitat for Humanity Romania IHCD works with the Open Society Institute and Habitat for Humanity in Romania.






Kenguru Wheelchair-Accessible EV

Image of the Kenguru EV

One major issue facing transportation is accessibility, especially for those in wheelchairs. From public to personal transit, a wheelchair presents unique mobility challenges. Sure, it's possible to outfit existing vehicles for wheelchair accessibility, but the process is expensive and doesn't always yield a complete, integrated solution. That's where Kenguru changes things. The Kenguru is an electric vehicle with no seats, made in the US by a woman with a disability that allows drivers to control the car from their wheelchair.


Nielsen Norman Group Report:

"Beyond ALT Text: Making the Web Easy to Use for Users With Disabilities"

Nielsen Norman Group logo

Learn about 75 Best Practices for Design of Websites and Intranets, Based on Usability Studies with People Who Use Assistive Technology


The report is richly illustrated with 46 screenshots of designs that worked well or that caused difficulties for users with disabilities in the usability tests as well as 23 photos of assistive technology devices. The examples and guidelines are directly based on empirical observation of actual user behavior.


Click here to read the report....


Billions in Relief. Millions Still Falling through the Cracks. 

Disaster Accountability Project logo

Disaster Accountability Project saves lives and reduces suffering after disasters by maximizing the impact of preparedness, response and relief through citizen oversight and engagement, policy research and advocacy, and public education.


Learn more about the Disaster Accountability Project


Children with disabilities more likely to experience violence

World Health Organization Logo Children with disabilities are almost four times more likely to experience violence than non-disabled children, according to a review commissioned by the World Health Organization and published today in the medical journal The Lancet. 


To learn more Click Here.....

Upcoming Conferences & Calls

Bridging the Gap, Creating a Community of Support for Survivors with Disabilities.

2012 National Conference on Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Against People with Disabilities


Bridging the Gap    Creating a Community of Support for Survivors with Disabilities  logo
The Bridging the Gap: Creating a Community of Support for Survivors with Disabilities conference is being held on October 31 and November 1, 2012 in Louisville, Kentucky. This conference brings together professionals from a variety of fields including criminal justice, disability rights, Deaf rights, self-advocacy, violence against women, and other to highlight promising practices for serving survivors with disabilities; explore emerging issues at the intersection of violence and disability; and foster networking among those working to end violence against people with disabilities. The conference features 5 keynote addresses, more than 30 workshops, a promising practices showcase, and an art exhibit.


To learn more please Click Here.....
Next Generation Design Competition 2012
Metropolis Magazine Next Generation Design Competition logo

For 2012 Metropolis Magazine will be challenging you to develop solutions that empower, advance and include audience groups often overlooked in the design process (including but not limited to, our rapidly increasing aging population and citizens with disabilities). The form is up to you; consider how tech savvy people are becoming and what devices, materials and modes of transportation will stay relevant 20 years from now. Keep in mind what other audience groups will benefit from the design.


Metropolis encourages you to think big and test your ideas through the Next Generation® competition.


For further information, contact

Healthcare Facilities Symposium & Expo, October 2-4, 2012, Navy Pier, Chicago, IL
Health care facilities symposium and Expo

For 25 years the Healthcare Facilities Symposium & Expo has been the forum where leaders share ideas on healthcare delivery improvement and how the physical space directly impacts the staff, patients and their families. Architects, Engineers, Facility Managers, Healthcare Administrators, Interior Designers and Construction Professionals alike come together as friends to collaborate, hear fresh perspectives, understand current trends and discover new products and solutions. Spend just three days at the Symposium and you will be inspired to evoke change and the advancement of a better delivery of healthcare. Use VIP Code DCHM9M to receive a 20% discount on your Full Conference Pass! Visit

Registration for the 2012 ANFA Conference is now open! Space is Limited so please register now!
Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture Annual Conference logo
The ANFA Annual Conference will provide a forum for architects and neuroscientists whose presentations will advance our knowledge of the links between neuroscience research and a growing understanding of human responses to the built environment. The Conference will explore, from a scientific basis, the range of human experiences with elements of architecture, through collaboration between architects and neuroscientists.


To learn more Click Here......


Rail~Volution 2012 Conference Registration Now Open!


Rail Volution Logo


This year Rail~Volution travels to Los Angeles where rail and rapid transit will double in the next decade. Come along and immerse yourself in a four-day learning lab of ideas, cultures and transit projects where the best and brightest ideas on livability will be debated, tested and shared.


October 14-17, 2012

Los Angeles, California


To learn more Click here....

Call for Papers!
Rehab Tech conference logo


At the 2nd Singapore Rehabilitation Conference, healthcare and medical professionals from various disciplines will be able to share their knowledge through forums, scientific paper presentations and workshops. Such interactions will contribute to the nurturing of a holistic rehabilitation environment in Asia, as well as maximise the health and well-being of people with disabilities, care requirements and chronic conditions. For more information Click Here..... 


EDRA44Providence are currently accepting Proposals through Friday, September 21, 2012. 

Environmental Design Research Association logo

EDRA44 has a special fo­cus on health policy implications for environmental design in addition to promoting the value of research for advancing environmental design and theory building. The 2013 conference is co-sponsored by the Rhode Island Department of Health and together we invite EDRA44 participants to con­tribute to developing health policy through environmental design research.


To learn more and submit proposals please visit....

IHCDstore Announcement!!

Catch Plate, Toddler Plate with spill catcher
image of the orange and blue Catch Plate
When kids miss their mouth, Catch Plate catches the food so they can try again. Less mess means less stress and less waste. Your dining room floor would thank you if it could. 

Visit IHCDstore at 200 Portland st. Boston
or contact Willa Crolius at to learn more.
Featured Publications

I Can Dance: My Life with a Disability
by: Laurie Hoirup
Cover of the book I can Dance, by Laurie Hoirup I Can Dance tells of a child diagnosed with a form of muscular dystrophy who achieved education (bachelor's and master's degree), friendships, family, and professional employment as teacher and administrator. Throughout, the author speaks with frank intimacy about her life with a disability, the good, the bad, and the sometimes strange and surprising. I Can Dance will open eyes and hearts to the potential of people with even severe physical disabilities and show a unique and vibrant individual growing and thriving amidst challenges and opportunities in the lively background of the 1960s and 1970s and beyond, from childhood to grandparenthood. This is a life lived fully and told with enthusiasm. Foreword by Catherine Campisi, former Director, California Department of Rehabilitation, and disability advocate. 
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Your gift can help keep that important work alive. IHCD welcomes your support at any level and can accommodate gifts of both cash, stocks through our Fidelity brokerage account, and other forms of assets. If you have any questions or need additional information please contact Gabriela Sims at or she can be reached at 617-695-1225 x222. 
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