"Designing Inclusively, Educating Globally with Architects" is on YouTube

Submitted by jessmendes on Tue, 04/30/2024 - 15:20

Our February webcast, "Designing Inclusively, Educating Globally with Architects" featuring visionary architects Chris Downey (U.S.A.) and Deepak K.C. (Nepal) is now available on YouTube.

Gain insights from Chris's transformative journey as "the Blind Architect" and Deepak's diplomatic initiatives promoting Inclusive Design. Learn about innovative projects like the Washington State School of the Blind, Microsoft's Wayfinding Inclusivity Project and the Universal Access Public Toilet Project in Nepal.

This discussion develops a deeper understanding of the global power Inclusive Design has in social equity and the value of lived experiences. Don't miss this inspiring and informative opportunity. Watch the full webcast now on YouTube and join the conversation driving positive change in architecture.