Help Age International: The UN Convention On The Rights Of Older People

Submitted by jessmendes on Mon, 04/29/2024 - 16:26

A UN Convention on the rights of older people is essential to safeguarding the well-being and dignity of societies as we age. 

The initiative offers a comprehensive framework to address challenges like healthcare, social protection, and elder abuse while fostering inclusivity. Efforts towards this convention, championed by organizations like the Global Alliance for the Rights of Older People (GAROP), are gaining momentum, securing support from governments and raising awareness on the importance of respecting and protecting older individuals' rights.

Why do we need a UN Convention on the rights of older people?

  1. Provide a comprehensive framework to promote and safeguard their rights, covering areas such as healthcare, social protection, employment, and participation in decision-making processes
  2. Serve as a powerful tool in combating ageism, discrimination, and neglect, while fostering an inclusive and age-friendly society for all
  3. Address the pressing issue of elder abuse and neglect, which remains a global concern
  4. Establish clear guidelines and mechanisms for preventing, detecting, and addressing instances of abuse, whether physical, emotional, or financial
  5. Promote the importance of dignity, autonomy, and independence for older people, while ensuring that they have access to justice and support systems.
  6. Contribute to a shift in societal attitudes and practices by raising awareness and setting standards for the treatment of older people, ultimately fostering a culture of respect and care for our older population.