Lunch & Learn with Sylvain Denoncin | Smart Inclusive Cities: Three Phygital Solutions That Improve Mobility for All

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When: Friday, November 15, 2019, 12 p.m. to 2 p.m.

Where: Institute for Human Centered Design, 200 Portland Street, First Floor, Boston, MA 02114. View IHCD's location on Google Maps. 

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About the Talk

The urban population is growing fast in cities that improve their services through digitization. But if the technology of the smart city is a means, the inclusive smart city is the goal. Otherwise the risk is to further increase the exclusion of people with disabilities and older people.

The challenge is clear: how do we take the profit of technologies to enhance mobility and safety with a human centered design approach? 

Sylvain Denoncin, CEO of Okeenea, will cover three complementary existing solutions.

About the Speaker

Sylvain Denoncin is a French expert and speaker in assistive technologies. He participates in different ISO, CEN and AFNOR standardization commissions. He is president of AFPAPH, the French association of city accessibility professionals, which brings together about 50 companies. 

He's CEO of Okeenea, leader in Europe for cities' inclusive technology. They research, develop, oversee manufacturing, and distribute tech solutions for the public right of way that eliminate barriers and ensure safe and independent navigation. The company recently won the NYC DOT call for innovations, "Enhancing Mobility for the Blind and Low Vision Community" with aBeacon, the third generation of accessible pedestrian signals.

About this Series

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This is the second lecture in the Eliza Forrest Kaye Bromfield Memorial Lunch & Learn Series . Eliza was a beloved member of the IHCD family. Through this series of public lunch & learn events that Eliza ran in her years with IHCD, we intend to honor her curiosity and enthusiasm for design that includes. We sincerely thank her loving family for their generous support of this lecture series which will continue through 2020. 

Eliza Kaye Forrest Bromfield
Eliza Forrest Kaye Bromfield