Devashree Shah

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Coordinator of Inclusive Design in Public Transit + Inclusive Architectural Designer
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Devashree Shah is a licensed architect in India who worked with IHCD as an intern while an undergraduate.  She is currently serving as IHCD’s Inclusive Design Fellow focused on international projects.  She graduated from the Harvard Graduate School of Design with a Master of Architecture II degree in 2023.

She has worked internationally with firms such as Serie Architects, IHCD Boston, and LOHA Architects. Her academic and professional work is centered around affordable housing, with a wide range of focus, such as dual-use, repair, incrementality, social resiliency, and user diversity and inclusion. Devashree’s research centers on a value shift in the mode of operation for architects, specifically looking at repair as a means to sensitively and sustainably enact the agency of architects. She is pursuing a project focused on the repair of affordable housing (Chawls) in Mumbai, with field surveys, a maintenance guide, and a repair toolkit as its core components.

Her project, ‘Thrive - Dual-Use Housing,’ was featured in the exhibition, ‘Inside Out,’ curated by Dan Borelli at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. Her collaborative project titled ‘5 Axis Ceramic Additive Manufacturing Applications for Evaporative Cooling Facade Modules’ was exhibited at the Harvard Ceramics Lab and presented at the eCAADe 2022 conference in Belgium and is a part of the consequent publication.