Akiho Higano

Intern, September 2019

Ana Julian

Senior Project Manager

Anoopa Sundararajan

Human Factors & Inclusive Technology Researcher

Benedict Ng

Intern, Summer 2019

Bickingham Brise

Intern, Fall 2019

Cyvian Chen

Intern, Summer 2019

David West

ADA Information Specialist and Accessibility Surveyor

Emerson Ng

Intern, Summer 2019

Emily DiFrancesco

Intern, Spring 2019

Fernanda Jordani

Consulting Designer

Gabriela Bonome-Sims

Director of Administration and Finance

Gary Talbot

Senior Mobility Development Engineer

Gina Hilberry

Consulting Senior Architect

Isabelle Rea

Intern, Summer 2019

James Fuschetti

Inclusive Design Fellow

Jan Carpman

Director of Wayfinding

Janice Majewski

Director, Inclusive Cultural and Educational Projects

Jason Angel

Information Specialist and Researcher

Katherine Blakeslee

Social Media Strategist/Promotions Specialist

Kathy Gips

Director of ADA Training and Technical Assistance

Leigh Anne White

Manager, Inclusive Design and Cultural Projects

Malaika Franks

Intern, Summer 2019

Marion Decaillet

Director of Inclusive Public Transit

Mary Joseph

Intern, Fall 2019

Meghan Dufresne

Architectural Designer and Lecturer

Oce Harrison

Project Director, The New England ADA Center

Peggy Grafton

Office Manager

Peter Martin

Senior Architect

Sarah Violette

Intern, Summer 2019

Sean Solley

Consulting Designer for Interiors

Sheryl Kelley


Stacy Hart

ADA Trainer, Information and Outreach Specialist

Tara MacKenzie

Intern, Summer 2019

Theresa McSorley

Outreach and Project Coordinator

Valerie Fletcher

Executive Director

Viki Oh

Intern, Fall 2019

Woodbury Shortridge

Lead HCI Engineer