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Accessibility Surveyor and Inclusive Designer
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Nyx is from South Carolina and received their degree in Interior Design at Western Carolina University in 2023. While pursuing their degree and noticing how accessibility is often treated as an afterthought, Nyx nurtured an interest in inclusive design and accessibility. This interest continues to be at the forefront of their projects. Their belief that everyone deserves a usable space, especially a space that reflects one’s own interior style, led them to IHCD where they began as an intern in 2022 and now work full-time as an accessibility surveyor for public buildings and parks.

They also have a focus on psychological well-being and health in public spaces. They recently presented research on how Interior Design, inclusive design, and accessibility can come together to make public buildings like homeless shelters, more conducive to mental and physical well-being. Socially conscience design is a long-standing passion of theirs, design should be to the benefit of all and no longer considered a luxury for a select few. Nyx hopes to continue doing research and education on accessibility, inclusive design, and solutions like Trauma-Informed Design to continue to improve the impacts of a designed space on the human mind.