Tatiana Tejedor Shrier

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Director of Human Resources & Project Administration
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Tatiana Tejedor brings more than 10 years of diverse human resources experience to the team. Her passion is developing HR efficiencies through technology, infrastructure and human processes. Her areas of expertise include employee relations, HR compliance, performance management, and policy development.

Tatiana began her Management career as co-owner of Caramelo Clothing Co., where she oversaw visual merchandising, clothing design and staff development. Tatiana’s approach to design resulted in numerous awards and recognition, including an exhibition at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts. She was responsible for managing staff, developing training and partnering with local apprenticeship programs. Prior to working at IHCD, Tatiana oversaw the implementation of IT infrastructure, and development of talent acquisition and compliance best practices at a large non-profit.

When she’s not working, Tatiana enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, hiking, reading, painting and fixing her husband’s truck.