Care for Child Development: Improving the Care of Young Children

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UNICEF, World Health Organization
Geneva, Switzerland : World Health Organization, 2012.
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RJ101.C37 2012
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9789241548403 9241548401
Children need good care. Their survival through childhood depends on adults who notice when they are hungry or sick, and are able to meet their needs. Good care also means keeping children safe from harm, and giving them love, attention, and many opportunities to learn. From birth, children build ties to special adults and look to them to learn important skills. What children learn from these relationships helps to prepare them for life. This course on Counsel the Family on Care for Child Development supports the efforts of families and others in your community who are trying to raise healthy, happy children. They may live in poverty and face many other challenges. the children they raise may be their own. Or they may have accepted the task of raising other children in their family or community. You can help them be better able to care for their children, even under difficult conditions.